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Stiff knees?! Here are 5 Exercises that are sure to ease your knee stiffness whether from waking up in the morning, or from sitting too long.

🔑 Long arc quad exercises involve full knee extension and flexion, which can help promote the production and distribution of synovial fluid within the knee joint. Synovial fluid acts as a lubricant and provides nourishment to the joint structures which then reduce friction and stiffness within the joint.

🔑 Posterior weight shifting, also known as weight shifting to the back of the feet or heels not only stretches the back of the knee and calf, it also activates the hamstrings and glutes which enhances joint stability. 

🔑 Toe raises against the wall can improve ankle stability, which is important for maintaining proper alignment and reducing excessive stress on the knee joint

🔑 Retro walking, also known as backward walking typically involves shorter strides and can reduce impact transmitted on the knees. 

🔑 Forward walking with emphasis on heel strike (heel touches the ground first) while keeping the knee straight. 

Feeling the difference?!

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